Thursday, April 15, 2010


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Took the kids to the "Homeschool skate" that the Nampa Rollerdrome hosts every third Thursday of the month for homeschooled kids. I thought it would be fun for the kids since none of them have ever gone before and I sure did enjoy it when I was a kid.

Well before I could get my own skates on the kids were up and falling all over the place, (it was quite funny and I had to stifle a few giggles), but soon I got the kids out onto the rink and tried to tell them and show them what to do. Aaron got it and was practicing and by the time we left he wasn't holding onto the wall, (huge progress)

Sam on the other hand wouldn't listen to me or watch me or anything and just did whatever and kept "falling", (half the time on purpose and the other half was by accident), so we set him out by William so he could "practice" falling where he wouldn't trip anyone.

Now Ruth on the other hand fell and every time she did she would get madder and madder and soon she was crying and screaming she couldn't skate like everyone else and started throwing a HUGE hissy fit. I tried to tell her it takes practice and I would hold her hands so she wouldn't fall but she wasn't having any of it and just had meltdown after meltdown. 

After they played "Hokey Pokey" and it had been an hour since we got there I figured I would call Aaron over and we would just take the skates off and go. Ruth had a huge meltdown over leaving and Sam wanted his skates off so he could put his cowboy boots back on and "walk right" and pooor Aaron was sooo sad we were leaving. I explained why we were leaving and told him next month it would be just him and me there so he could practice more. He perked up after that and was ok with it all.

It didn't turn out like I would have liked but that's ok. Ruth and Sam just are not ready for skating yet and one day they will be. For now I am just going to take Aaron alone to skate because I know he will have fun and there will be no tripping on purpose or complete meltdowns...

ahhhhh the joys of motherhood.....

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