Thursday, April 1, 2010

{My little Jelly Bean}

While at my first official OB appointment they did an ultrasound and as soon as the picture came up I saw the fluttering heart - beating rapidly and squealed "There's the heartbeat" even before the doc found it. It was awesome and quelled any fears that I had while waiting in the room (naked under a robe) for the doc to come in and get on with my physical/ultra sound.  I actually was glad the whole gang wasn't there because I was afraid there would be no heartbeat.

Before I got called into the doc's office, Ruth threw up all over the waiting room. I got her all cleaned up and had William take her and the boys out to the car so I could clean up her mess before they called me back. Got it done just in the nick of time before I was called back.

My jellybean is growing right on target! The ultrasound confirmed my due date. If all goes well and the babe continues to grow happily then after Halloween and before Thanksgiving we will be adding one more to our brood!

I forgot how much stuff they give you when they officially know your pregnant. So many magazines and samples. I was so overwhelmed. I was told, and knew it was coming, that I am not to gain any weight this pregnancy and not to lose weight to rapidly (which I haven't been) and he wants me to go to a diabetic nutritionist (which I knew was coming too because of gestational diabetes with Ruth)

I am super happy even with some of the restrictions the doc gave me. Most of which I have been implementing anyways. Have I mentioned how much lighter and brighter I feel now that I heard and saw my babe on the screen...It was the most uplifting day today, even if the boys were not so uplifting for most of the day.




  1. oh how exciting !!! I hope we have another one soon!!!

  2. That's awesome. As I learned after my miscarriages, if you hear the heartbeat, the chances of miscarriage are much less. Really happy for you!

  3. I am so excited for you girl! Be blessed and have a blessed Easter. Love ya, Cindy


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