Monday, April 19, 2010

{Starting a New}

We gave the kids a week long break before we officially started our homeschool fun today. It was a rocky start as the boys were annoyed that we wanted them to work first then they could play video games, (novel concept right?).

Sam was upset that not only did he not get to play the games but he had to do "baby" homework, whatever that means. It took a full hour to get him to even start his work and Aaron was trying to make excuses as to why he couldn't start writing his story on space, (my hand is sore, I can't lift my pencil because my arm got broken from sleeping on it...and so on). Was I really asking for too much from the kids - NO! but they sure thought so.

Finally they both got into it and I was thrilled! Aaron and Sam both did well and I even found some great stuff for Ruth to work on too. I even found some great websites that have free stuff that can be printed - which I love! I found some great stuff when it comes to sight words, math and such. Below are some of my favored links. I hope you find them as useful as I do!

Bear Mountain site word list - this is a great list of words to help your 1-2nd grader (they also have crossword puzzles too w/the answer sheet)

Anderson Elementary School - This has a list of kid friendly sites that can help your children learn new skills.

Homeschool Math - has lots of printables to help your child in grades 1-5.

Super Teacher Worksheets - has lots of printables for several different subjects that you may be teaching your 1st thru 5th graders. 

TLS Books - has lots of stuff to help teach your pre-k to 5th graders. They have both the worksheet & answer sheets as well. This one has pre-k which is a great starting point for Ruth!

Do you have any sites that you frequent? Right now our budget is tight with a new baby coming and paying off the last of our debt so I have been looking for good sites that are free and full of good information. Especially since we are only "winging" it thru the summer until their school packets come from the K12 program that we will be doing in the fall.

I am working on a new schedule so that we can have a bit more structure so that the kids know what is going on and what we will be working on thru out the day. Glad I have my time management sheet already to go - just need to rearrange stuff to make it work right for us now that we are homeschooling! If you would like to download my planners for the day & for meal planning just check out my post HERE.

(this is my daily schedule - which will need to be redone for homeschool!)

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