Monday, August 15, 2011

{After Madagin}

After hubby's appointments at Madagin, (which didn't take nearly as long as we thought), we found out they didn't schedule everything that was needed and we were going to have to go back in a month or so, (isn't that how it always goes with Military?).

Anywho, after the appointments, I went with Liz to take the kids to one of the local parks (there were three parks all within walking distance of their place on base, it was AWESOME!). It was great watching all the kids play (Myrna stayed at the house with William so she wasn't here). Despite a few moments of bad behavior  on my boys part, I think they had fun, I know I had fun getting to know my cousins wife, it was like we had known eachother forever!

After the park, and after Jason got home, Liz took the chicken legs we brought and transformed them into the most yummy fried chicken I had ever had!

Sam just loved baby William and he loved him

Noel was just too cute and followed Ruth around 

My William with Baby William

Ruth and Noel had fun playing together

eating some yumm-o corn!

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  1. I really like all the pictures but I have to say that the ones with Sam and William are precious. Sam looks like a softer self and it is easy to see little William really liked Sam.


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