Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Ghostly Ruth}

I have been trying to figure out my "Workhorse" point n' shoot and testing out it's different capabilities and who better to test it on them my own kids, right?!

Below are some captures of my use of the different flash settings - I think I love the flash at night setting, it's pretty cool with it's slow shutter speed...makes for interesting pictures.

Every time I photograph my kids I notice how dirty they have made everything with their spills, including my foot stool

This was taken with the "No Flash" symbol on so any movement if not enough light got blurred because of the slower shutter speed

THis was taken with the "normal flash" on

this was taken with the "Night Flash" on

I'm going to get you Mommy!

Night flash on and because of it's slow shutter and Ruth's fast movements created a ghostly effect

Aaron wanted to try too...I got some ghostly kids!

1 comment:

  1. Love that "ghostly" effect!

    BTW girlie, I want to work with you on a project I have spinning in my head. Nothing urgent, but now I have a little more time I will be putting together family stories and will need some pictures...some from you, some drawings from Trenton, something from Tanis, some pics and drawings from me...

    Can't do anything though until I have the stories written...


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