Saturday, August 13, 2011

{My Girls}

I just adore my girls, now don't get me wrong I adore my boys too but they don't wanna take pictures with me like my girls do. Go figure right?

I am seeing differences in their personalities already, and even though MJ is only 9 months I can tell what she likes and what she doesn't, mind you this may change but I am not so sure it will.

Ruth is my girly girl who likes pinks, purples and anything with sparkles. She will wear dresses and skirts and likes anything with ruffles and loves her some shoes, any style and height. MJ on the other hand likes stuff that she can move in easily, this means no skirts, dresses or anything that hinders her motion. She tries to yank off dresses, skirts and if you put shoes on her she tries to yank them off too.

I think I got a little tom boy in MJ but mind you Ruth will kick butt and can hold her own in a good brawl (I have seen her do it when the boys gang up on her, she dishes as good as she gets sometimes better). But I can tell the girls are going to be best of friends, I can see it already the bond that they are forging and I LOVE IT!

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