Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{A gift from our Cats}

This is what my lovely cats left on my front porch this morning. Of course the kids see it first and Ruth is horrified and extremely sad that our cats would "kill something so cute" and told me "you need to keep the cats in because they are killers and are bad!" as if it's my fault the cats hunt small animals.

I had a nice discussion with her while driving them to school and let them know it is just what cats do and if the animal isn't something we bought at a pet store then we don't want it lurking in or around our home and the cats will make sure that the unwanted animals, such as this poor mouse, will probably be killed which is a good thing because wild small animals tend to bring disease that could make us sick.

By the time we got to school I think Ruth understood but I am not sure if she did or not...poor girl.

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