Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{It's so Hard to say Goodbye}

The next day of our trip we got everyone ready and headed off to yet another of the many parks before leaving so that I could capture some family pictures for my cousins with my big girl camera (the below images are taken with my work horse camera - big girl pictures to come on another post).

I wish we could have stayed longer but it was sure nice to be welcomed to warmly and catch up and get to know more about my cousins and their life. They really are an amazing addition to our family and I am so grateful they are apart of our lives!

Jason was flinging Ruth around like he does his riffle, she just kept giggling like crazy, it was AWESOME!

Jason and Ruth, they just hit it off perfectly!

isn't Noel just too cute!

Sam holding his favorite cousin!

Liz making sure her FB game got some love

She is such a good mom and her kids are just a dream to be around

MJ loved the swing!

this was taken after we headed off to do the big girl family pictures and just before we had to go

All aboard the alligator express - All the cousins

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