Friday, August 5, 2011

{A day in Black n' White}

Don't you just have those days that are full of black n' white fun? Well I had one! Aaron was playing on our "retro" Nintendo 64, Sam was sitting next to me playing with his smurf and the girls were playing on the floor together and it all ended with Sorry coming up and meowing at me for more food, (yes, our cats talk to us, don't yours?).

If you notice not only was the day black n' white but full of retro fun too! I love when moments just come together. I also noticed while editing that my kids like to wear their clothing many days in a row - not sure why, but it made it hard to sort thru the images downloaded from my "workhorse". Do your kids wear their clothes several days in a row?

My silly girls

Trying to "help" Aaron play his game by turning off the Nintendo 64

Hubby picking burs outta Toby's fur and Ruth wants to help

I love that MJ is watching Ruth and Sam has bunny ears on Aaron

These 4 hold my heart

I just love her scrunched up faces

why you looking at me baby?

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