Friday, August 12, 2011

{He be a Scared Doggie}

Ceasar is afraid of MJ, not sure why considering she's like half his size, but in any case he is scared of her. I on the other hand am afraid he's going to trample over her and hurt her (but that's just a mommy's fear getting the best of me).

But mind you his scaredness doesn't stop MJ from trying to get his tail and try to touch his eyes and mouth. It's really quite entertaining (now she's never hurt him and we wouldn't allow that). Below are some images taken of Me and MJ and her and Ceasar...can you see his scared face?

MJ is little miss Attitude for sure

She has discovered her tongue and now plays with and tries to lick everyone with it

skeeeeerrrrrd Doggie

I see you mommy

gonna get ceasar

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