Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{One Rest stop down - several hundred to go}

While we didn't make it out onto the road when we had origially planned, we did find some really nice spots to take a moment and let the kids play and stretch...This was the first of many rest stops but this was the first out of the car stretch sessions.

If you notice, there are a series of pictures where I am trying to get a nice group shot but none of them, especially MJ, were having any part of it!

They all were fascinated by this black feather

MJ's expression here is priceless and sooo HER!

I know I have lots of pictures of me and MJ but the other kids won't pose with me, its really very sad

I just love his facial expressions!

Ruth is my little poser and loves to model to the camera

Aaron would prefer I not take his picture, not sure why 'cause he's a handsome boy!

I just love his hair do in this image, it's his own creation!

whatcha doing with that flower?

Let me have your moss SAM!

I don't care that mom wants our picture, give me the moss!

I guess it's just not going to happen this time around...ha ha ha

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