Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Washington here we Come!}

Finally hubby got an appointment for his military retirement rating, (after 3 long years of fighting to get it), and we only got a couple weeks notice, so off we headed to Washington to get it done. The drive was long and with four kids you end up stopping at every rest stop and on some occasions the side of the road for potty breaks.

Despite leaving later then planned and the trip taking a bit longer then normal we made it to my cousins place on base and in one piece, although my sanity was a bit frayed as the kids tended to fight over the smallest of things.

Yeah, I brought my big girl camera but I never pulled it out until the very last day we were there, all the images below were taken with my "work horse" point n' shoot. Enjoy!

MJ and her big brothers

This is one of my favorites and shows the disinterest my kids have in wanting to do group shots for me

Ruth and her big brothers

I love that William is in this picture, I didn't even know he was behind us

William took this picture, I love that MJ is holding her toes

I love Ruth's sense of style, it's fun and quirky and all it's own!

digging for gophers

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  1. I do love the picture with William behind you as if he is overseeing everything...


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