Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Katy Perry Concert}


So after the intermission KATY PERRY came onto stage after a fun little video that kicked started her part of the performance!  It was Ah-Mazing! I loved all of her costume changes and the little video that went thru out her performance like some one reading a book and telling a story.

Even though my camera battery died half way thru her performance I still had the best time EVER! I am so glad that Laura invited me, it was perfect!

Although we walked to the concert Laura's hubby came and picked us up so we wouldn't have to walk back - which was awesome because our feet were killing us after dancing and rocking out while standing on concrete all night.

This was the best concert EVER and although it was my first concert and probably my last one, it truly was the BEST because of who I got to see it with!

All the close ups like this were taken off the big TV by where we were sitting

She called up this hunky guy from the audience and told him not to come up unless he left his shirt in his seat

she requested a kiss from this hunky guy and in return she kissed was very entertaining.

there were words running across the TV over the images of Katy while she was singing this song

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