Sunday, August 7, 2011

{Smurfs at the Office}

William is on a good schedule now with several doctors visits in one day so we don't have to make as many trips into Boise and until school starts I have to take the kids with.

This time they had their new smurf toys that I picked up from McDonalds (by the way I just picked up the toy, there was no food with it - we are trying not to eat fast food for the entire month). I was glad they had them because it really helped them pass the time to invent games involving the smurfs.

We also had hubby's galaxy tab and lots of paper and some pencils to help occupy them as well. I was so glad that this particular day we only to wait a few hours....

Flag as seen from the 3rd floor window

Papa Smurf using the sonic screwdriver as a telescope

Happy Baby! She just adores her dog!

Sam's had is bandaged to him dropping his hot cup of noodles on his hand and he ended up with 2nd degree burn in between his thumb and index finder on the upper side of his hand...poor guy

MJ got tuckered out and slept the last hour

I love how distorted she got because she was sooo close to the camera lens

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