Monday, August 29, 2011

{Park Play}

After the Discovery Center and the kids had lunch, I took them to a park I have been wanting to try out before heading back home. It wasn't too hot out and the kids needed to let off more energy so of course we stopped and the kids just had a blast!

Images taken with my "work horse"....Enjoy!

Aaron helped give the girls a nice spin

isn't this a cool play structure?

The girls enjoyed a nice swing but it was in the hot sun so it wasn't for very long

The other kids kept "clogging" up the slide but that didn't stop Sam from climbing his way over the clog 

Sam was all sad and wouldn't let me take is picture so I made him take them with me

I am not choking him, the little stink!

Well maybe I am, NOT

finally the clogs stopped happening and everyone got to go down the slide

One last twist before heading home

What, we have to go home now??

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