Monday, August 22, 2011

{Last Scout meeting of the Summer}

Before leaving for scouts I snapped a few pictures of MJ playing in a laundry basket, she just loves the basket!

We had our last pack meeting of the summer the week before the kids started school. They got to race their boats and it was soo cool to see everyone's boat and how they decorated them. Aaron and Sam decorated theirs with marker and of course when they raced 'em they turned the water a lovely shade of blue and was pretty cool.

Sam got a new badge for beads

Aaron won against Sam

Sam won against Aaron

Ruth got tuckered out and enjoyed a nice rest in the soft grass

MJ wanted to eat all the grass and got picked up shortly after this image was taken

In daddy's arms and paying mommy no mind

Let me take the picture MOM!

Sam and his boat

Aaron and his boat

1 comment:

  1. we had our activity day girls make boats also to race the cubscouts.. that was fun too. Looks like a great activity!!! (love the laundry basket - that is a hit in our house too) :)


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