Sunday, August 28, 2011

{DIscovery Center}

I am not sure what I was thinking taking 4 kids (ages 5 up to age 10) and a baby out all by myself but I did it and ya know what, despite my splitting headache at the end of the day, the kids and I both had fun!

William stayed at home to play his role playing game with his friends and one of his friends brought his middle girl (who is around Ruth's age) and I packed all the kids into the car and headed off the Discovery Center.

When we got there the kids wanted to scatter but I kept them pretty well in site and the kids went to town playing and discovering all the wonders of science, energy and how machines work! I took my "work horse" with me and captured a few moments.

Below is what happened at the Discovery Center...Enjoy!

The girls were trying to figure out the controls for the robots

Sam got it figured out pretty easily

Pulling yourself up is pretty easy when you have a rope lever to pull you

The girls trying to figure out which disc rolls the fastest

Soon the boys made it a race

How many Sam's can one Mom handle?

a Giant magnifying glass

a two way mirror, see the other kids on the other side...

A giant pin game

The faster you moved on the bike the faster the skeleton moved on his bike

I loved the skeleton's glasses and hat, ya know 'cause it's summer!

Ruth making the face move and laugh

The girls loved the magnetic dust

giant bubble blowing

MJ is helping the Animals in the Animal hospital

Aaron is looking at the x-ray films to determine what's wrong with the raccoon

Sam's a doc

Ruth was waiting to hear what Dr. Chloe thought was wrong with her sick puppy

Soon all the kids were trying to figure it out

Aaron gave MJ a rabies vaccine, just to be safe

Aaron was trying to hear MJ's heart, but she was having none of it!

So he listened to his own instead

Discovery Center of Idaho!

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