Monday, August 1, 2011

{All Day Appointments}

As you know we have had horrible experiences with the VA and are feelings of frustration at not helping William with his pain management and serious lack of concern over it's worsening so we have been looking for care outside of the VA and were finally refereed to a great doctor who has inducted us into her multifaceted program that doesn't just treat one or two symptoms but my husband as a WHOLE! Of course we had to do the testing and screening for each department and still have more to do but we did knock out 5 appointments in one day! (still have more appointments but at least the bulk is done)

Mind you this was five ONE hour appointments and we got the clinic a little after 9 am and didn't get finished until a little after 4 pm. I was told I could bring the kids which is good because I don't have a baby sitter. The kids were fairly good and we did get a break inbetween appointments for lunch (which we just ate there at the cafeteria and boy was it YUMMY). 

By the last 2 hours the kids were not listening and as a result I wasn't able to be apart of the last two appointments, but really what was I to do, duct tape the kids mouths shut and tie their hands behind their backs?

We are extremely hopeful that William will finally get the answers and help he needs to get to where he is in less pain.

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