Friday, August 19, 2011

{ready to leave the nest}

At one of the last rest stops we hit before it got dark, we found some baby birds ready to fly for the first time and leave their nest - the kids thought it was sooo cool!

and after twelve and a half hours we finally made it home, safe and sound! Although the reason for going to Washington was military related we are so glad we got to get to know my cousins better and enjoy their company. Because of their warm hospitality the trip wasn't as stressful as it could have been and we are grateful to them for making it one of the best trips this year!

baby birds about to fly for the first time

watching the birdies fly the nest for the first time - they thought it was sooo coool!

Thanks to my dad for watching the house and keeping our pets happy while we were gone!


  1. So is the Cupie Pie Doll the official look for MJ? LOL That first picture of her so reminded me of a Cupie Pie Doll

    Very cool that you guys were able to see the baby birds flying from their nest. Too soon they will have to be on their own. I can only hope they cope as well as you have since you flew from the nest...;-)

  2. MJ does look like the cutie pie doll doesn't


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